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a real hero (by ash russell) [more here]

super recipe/protip par excellence:
1. prepare for shower in your usual manner
2. find small light (nightlight or flashlight — red light is IDEAL) and thing for playing music
3. close up bathroom
4. turn on small light, turn off bathroom lights (you want VERY LITTLE LIGHT, but not complete darkness. darkness is decidedly un-cinematic)
5. let bathroom get steamy
6. shuffle & repeat the following playlist or some combination thereof:

kavinsky & lovefoxxx, “nightcall”
hooverphonic, “2wicky”
desire, “under your spell”
kidneythieves, “feathers”
salem, “redlights”
college f. electric youth, “a real hero”
the glitch mob, “bad wings”
awolnation, “sail”
the chromatics, “tick of the clock”
sneaker pimps, “post-modern sleaze”
portishead, “biscuit”
basement jaxx, “the block”
switchblade symphony, “dirty dog”

7. enjoy your cinematic shower/change your hygienic life forever

optional: cry/mb8/pretend to wash blood from a recently committed murder from your hands/photograph your steamy visage for posterity

reblogging myself bc i can and bc i haven’t done this is in foooooorever

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just because the someone that calls you out on shitty behavior (racism, oppressive language, ableism, appropriation, etc. etc.) happens to be anon does not make their claim inherently untrue. i’ve unfollowed THREE PEOPLE today for doing this. it’s such bullshit. the anon was right in all three cases and if that person had taken the time to check their privilege instead of being snide, i might have kept them around. doing shitty things doesn’t make you a bad person, failing to examine those shitty things when they’re pointed out to you does.

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