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Pep talk.

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You’re beautiful. It’s fine. You’re fine. Look at you! You’re walking. It’s fine!
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“Put me on the internet! Even on The Google!”

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"Julia Child would have been 101 last week. I celebrate her birthday every year. This year I cooked some smoky eggplant soup, and ate it in Central Park."
"Were you alone?"
"Of course. I love to be alone. I’m fabulous."

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I don’t do this very often but was hoping some people would take the time out to reblog this. For as long as I’ve known my friend Ben Alessi, he has been that guy. Coming from a pretty small town, everyone knew him and absolutely loved him. Because he was the class clown that the teachers couldn’t bring themselves to discipline, and underneath his animated personality he is a caring and genuine person. Then two years ago around this time, everything changed. While crossing a street in Philadelphia, Ben was hit by a car. But that sounds too simple, he was just hit by a car. He was struck by a car- sending him through the windshield, ten feet in the air, and onto the pavement. He broke his jaw, his ribs, punctured a lung, gashed open a hole in his brain, smashed his vertebrae and compressed his spinal cord. After a month long coma, a metal bar was inserted as a new vertebrae, a blood drain from his head, and countless other medical surgeries; he woke up. And when he woke up, he didn’t wake up angry or depressed even though he is now paraplegic. He woke up inspired. Inspired to change the way he was living and to change his, and his peers, entire outlook on life. So he made a clothing line fueled by the motto “Life’s Hard, Be Easy”. He uses the money towards his many medical expenses and necessities. Also, his clothes are fresh as hell. Everyone should follow him and buy some Be Easy threads. or just follow him and send him some love! 


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“the mustache Lady”, Acrylic on canvas by Edith Lebeau

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if you aren’t wearing matte lipstick, get out of my life

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People always ask me, “Do you think you’ll ever tone down your look?” And I say, Well, hell no! Why should I? I was gaudy when gaudy wasn’t cool. Before Gaga I was Ga-udy. I was being outrageous even before Madonna. Eventually people realize that there’s a brain under this hair, and a heart under these boobs, but I also like being a character that they can enjoy. It makes it kind of fun when I do get out on stage and tell my real story, and they get to see the real me. I’m a very artificial-looking person, but I’m a very real person.
Miss Dolly Parton, O.G. diva bad-ass and living legend. (via coketalk)
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