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I’m not a short story writer. I’m actually pretty ashamed of the few pieces that I’ve let out. I need lots of space for meaning to compound and build. I simply don’t have the efficiency to set things down and resolve them in ten thousand words. As a reader I’m pretty good at figuring how a story works: how it hooks me, how it ups the energy, how it dovetails from funny to melancholy. But when I sit down to try my own I feel like I’ve been dumped in a cockpit and asked to fly a ship I’ve only seen flying above me. I usually just end up crashing my short stories into the ground. I look for soft dirt but they’re still a wreck.
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#text #quote #good words #i met salvador plascencia when he came to do a reading for my mfa #and then we went out drinking with him afterwards #and he was so funny and charming and kind #and he uses props in his readings #and i was so much more engaged in his book after that #it's remarkable what a human being can do when words cannot alone #and what words can do alone is a whole other story
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