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hello, new followers! lots and lots of new followers! and also followers who are not new! i would never forget about you, i swear. ummmmm, since there’s a bunch of you i thought i should introduce myself! or say hi at the very least and then say random things about myself because that’s what we’re all doing here, right?

i’m ash and i’m 27. i’m a perpetual tween in my heart. i’m a writer and an enthusiast. i’m very very fat. i like red lipstick. i’m engaged to another lady who i’ve been with for almost five years. i have four dogs and two cats. i was born and raised in los angeles, but i live in buttfuck-nowhere, north dakota at the moment. i’ve also lived in kansas city, mo and the inland empire, ca. i have a ba in english and an mfa in fiction. i am very unemployed. i wear hippie deodorant because i’m allergic to the good stuff, so i usually smell a little bit. i’m not sorry.

there’s a pretty 33/34/33 chance that you’re here because 1. you know me from somewhere else (lj, twitter, etc), 2. you read this post and liked it, or 3. you’ve seen me via a reblog of some fandom thing. any of these three reasons is a good reason to be here!

here are other places that you can find me doing stuff on the internet:
always, anywhere

you can probably find me on basically any site with a login under some variation of craaash, ashrussell, theashrussell, or craaashhole. because i’m painfully consistent.

that’s it! don’t be afraid to say hi! i like making friends and talking/chatting (gchat!!) but, like most people who make their lives on the internet, i’ve got some social anxiety and will rarely message/contact people first. we should all stop that! because it means that none of us are contacting each other! and that’s dumb!

ok bye

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