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i love this so much.

the black girl’s hair omg <3 <3<3

#Just spent the whole time going ‘Boobs! BOOBS! Boooooooobs! Boobs.’

I felt this needed to be on my blog again! Especially with all those, ” Hey Girls! Your boobs belong in your shirt thing”. Female anatomy has been highly sexualized in the western countries. Also used as advertisement parts. Just take a look at these women interacting.

yup needed this on my blog again too. I’m not even gonna put this under NSFW, because its too damn adorable and I love it to death.

god i love this

they’re all so happy and free and they’re just like ‘lol tits’

I love this because it’s just like “hey! boobs are cool! boobs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes! her boobs are different from my boobs! that’s pretty nifty!”

This is so cute.

i always feel extremely nervous about reposting any kind of “white people hanging out with non-western brown people in a college student goes to an african nation and only calls it ‘africa’ way” without knowing its context, but i will throw caution to the wind in this instance because this appears to be such an equal and freeing experience of curiosity for both sides of it.

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#humans are sometimes great #and i hope this was one of those times #images #breasts #delightful #positive attitudes toward body diversity
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    Bras don’t actually prevent sagging breasts, though I understand why people might assume it from this. Keep in mind age...
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