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Helen Mirren Wants Doctor Who Role

Dame Helen Mirren has been speaking to the Daily Star. But that’s not the only shocking piece of news. No, apparently the award-winning actress wants to star in Doctor Who as the first female Doctor.

The Stars quotes Mirren as saying: “I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don’t want to just be his sidekick.”

Matt Smith previously name checked Mirren as one of the stars he’d like to see on the show.

“Helen Mirren would be great in Doctor Who,” he said. Adding “also Eric Cantona and Vincent Cassel – he would be number one actually.”

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I’m going to start a “fuckyeahwhoeverrunstheofficialdoctorwhotumblr” because

flawless individual

I read it and was like fuck yeah! And then all the commenters were like, “But if there’s someone who’s not a white man, it’ll ruin the series.” Fuck you, people. I’m all for more diversity in the role. If it starts with an older white woman and transitions to, say, Richard Ayode, and the Doctor starts reincarnating as all sorts of different people, I’d be a happy lady.

helen mirren would get me to watch doctor who ABSOLUTELY, but god damn richard ayoade would make me a DEVOTEE.

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    Yes. I would LOVE a female doctor.
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    as the twelfth Doctor? Yes, please.
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    Every time I read this when it comes up on my dash I think the same thing: As much as I love Helen Mirren, I can’t see...
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    let this be real
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    oh god i’m more focused on the fact that it looks like she got some (bad) work done. my husband will be devastated.
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    I really like what she’s wearing. It’s a more youthful style, but still totally age appropriate. She looks amazing.
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    I could not care less about Doctor Who but holy crap I want Helen Mirren in my teenage girl gang
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    helen mirren would get me to watch doctor who ABSOLUTELY, but god damn richard ayoade would make me a DEVOTEE.
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    They do swap sometimes. See the Doctor’s Wife. I do think it would change the tone of the show too much but I could be...
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    Yes, she may be in the show, yes she can be a time lord, NO she cannot be the doctor!! time lords have genders too, they...
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    I think it’d be pretty amazing.
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    Yes. Please. This would make my life.
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