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Since I started posting more pictures of myself, I’ve had a couple of blogs that are clearly here for thinspo start following me. And at first it made me sad and angry and embarrassed and shamed. And then it just made me angry. And then it made me something else.

If you’re following me for thinspo, as some kind of example of what you never want to be, I hope with all my mangled little heart that you find the thing that you really need. I hope you find the will to love yourself exactly as you are. I hope you love and appreciate your body for the things it can do and respect the things that it can’t. I hope you have a full and happy and long life where you practice self-care and self-love. I hope you find the strength to overcome the hate and the pain that twists and injures you. I hope you find power in yourself and people who love and support you. I hope you find the answers you need and the love you want. I hope you find a path to happiness and a light heart. I hope you find a cease fire with your war on your body and I hope that your body treats you well when you give it the things it needs to do so. I wish you safety and surety and confidence and joy. I wish you happiness.

Loving yourself is a struggle, a journey, a challenge. It is infinitely rewarding. It is hard as hell. It is wildly, unbelievably worth it.

All bodies are good bodies. I hope you can learn to love yours. You deserve it too.

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